Focus on Optical Communication Transmission

About B&TON

 BTON specializes in developing, producing and promoting SFP Transceiver, Media Converter, Video Optical Converter, Industrial Swich, POE Switch.BTON's high-reliability fiber connectivity products can make secure and reliable connectivity solutions across multiple locations; securely transmit critical and sensitive information; remotely monitor and control networked devices and appliances, and more.
  With many years extensive experience of highly skilled individuals, combined with BTON's customer-centric focus, that enables the company to establish some of the best design and development practices in the industry, driving innovation and unprecedented quality.
  Every employee at B&TON is involved in delivering high-quality, user-oriented fiber access solutions. By building strong relationships with our end-users and understanding the challenges they face, B&TON engineers design products and features that provide value to our customers.